Depakote vs. Depakote ER

Depakote vs Depakote ER…What is the difference?  First of all, “What is Depakote?” What does Depakote do?

Depakote is a prescription medication used to treat manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression.  Depakote is known as Divalproex sodium.  Okay…so what is Divalproex sodium?  Divalproex sodium is an antiseizure drug.

Depakote is also known to be used for headaches.  The main difference between the two medication is Depakote has a delayed release and Depakote ER has an extended release.

One night my husband was telling me that his doctor wants to switch him to generic Depakote.  Their main reason for this was due to the cost.   There are many difference between Depakote and Depakote ER, but one of the main reasons patients change from to Depakote ER to Depakote is the difference in cost.  At the time, the clinic was fitting the bill for his medication or supplying him with samples.  For him to purchase a month supply of Depakote ER, it would cost us over $400 per month.  On the other hand, he could purchase Depakote for only $92 per month.  Big difference huh?

The color of the pills are different too…One thing about bipolar people, you cannot fool them with their pills.  They know exactly what color pill they should be taking.

Depakote                  Depakote ER

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